Week 1 Update: Basement Habit-ABLE Crowd-Funder

501(c)(3) non-profit cooperative housing, Able Community, reached over 1/5 of its $5,000 Basement Habit-ABLE Crowd-Funder goal in its first week of crowdfunding. Please help it reach its goal and further its mission, to redefine independence for people with disabilities, by supporting its crowdfunding efforts at http://bit.ly/19ACfund or consider donating online at www.ablecommunitychicago.org/donate.

Able Community is crowdfunding to enable people with disabilities to live independently and to provide affordable, accessible, inclusive housing.  It is raising $5,000 to renovate the basement bathroom to make the basement live-able for more residents.

New shower parts were donated, but Able Community still needs to pay for labor and a new bathroom entrance.  Any funds raised over the needed $5,000 will go to additional basement repairs and rent scholarships for residents with disabilities.

Crowdfunding runs through the end of the month.  Reward perks include airfare, art and handcrafted jewelry by local artisans with disabilities, and a meet and greet with horses at a therapeutic riding barn.

Able Community is the only inclusive cooperative housing for people with disabilities in the United States.  Able Community moved into our first house in 2017.  It provided three young adults with disabilities with housing since then, and is building capacity for more residents.

Visit http://www.ablecommunitychicago.org or e-mail esther@disabilitylawcollective.com for more details.  Able Community’s crowdfunding central is http://bit.ly/19ACfund.l


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